A way to call share point model dialog from server side

string script =
                    var modalDialog; 
                    function ShowDialog() { 
                        var options = { 
                            url: ‘url?standardDialog=”+standardDialog+@”‘), 
                            tite: ‘User’, 
                            allowMaximize: false, 
                            showClose: true, 
                            width: 400, 
                            height: 300 }; 
                        modalDialog = SP.UI.ModalDialog.showModalDialog(options); 
                    ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(ShowDialog, ‘sp.js’);”;
                //register the script. 
ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this, this.GetType(), ClientID, script, true);


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Drop Database Inside Un Installer Package / using .sql file

DECLARE @DatabaseName varchar(50)
SET @DatabaseName='{0}’
DECLARE @execSql varchar(1000)

IF EXISTS (SELECT [name] FROM master.sys.databases WHERE [name] = @DatabaseName)
— Create the sql to kill the active database connections
— Set the database name for which to kill the connections
SET @execSql = ”
SELECT @execSql = @execSql + ‘kill ‘ + CONVERT(CHAR(10), spid) + ‘ ‘
FROM master.dbo.sysprocesses
WHERE db_name(dbid) = @DatabaseName AND DBID 0 AND spid @@spid


EXEC (‘DROP DATABASE ‘ + @DatabaseName )


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Delete Duplicate Records from database table

all you know is simple way by creating temp table distinct data and copying back to original table.

other way is here ,

;with T as
select * , row_number() over (partition by emp_name order by emp_name) as rank
from Employee_Test

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Run IE in compitable mode with ASP.NET

change ur web.config file and put following lines of tags inside system.webserver

”      httpProtocol
clear /
add name=”X-UA-Compatible” value=”IE=EmulateIE7″ /

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How to prepare a successful project Plan using MS Projects

Here are the things that I have kept in mind:

1. Have a good communication plan. Must have an effective way to communicate with key stake holders.
2. Instead of just a basic project plan, you need to have a good execution plan with intermediate deliverables clearly defined.
3. Project plan MUST be monitored on a weekly basis if not daily (Agile).
4. Project plan needs to be realistic. Capacity plan should be created first before project plan is made. Capacity plan will account for different skill sets.
5. Clearly defined deliverables along with clear plan of how to manage scope creep. MGPP is a very effective tool when it comes to managing scope changes.
6. Well articulated external dependencies and their impact.
7. Active risk management instead of issue management.
8. Lots & Lots of prayers when the project is starting to get delayed 🙂

reference : groups.toolkit.com

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Something about (2011) : \\May – June\\

Month was/is full of dreams, inspirations, achievements and clear thoughts of going … (“,)

Firstly, it started with sad days, fed up with the procedure of USA ambessy for clearing VISA which are under for security check…but after all the time has came and all cleared went well as expected…

I was thinking why these days are not with me but as the time pass i realized its just like (testing phase) for making me strong to come up across with new streghts. 🙂

well, everythings are on track … looking for some magic now … i am waiting realy realy realy…

Inspiring : started twitting, updating status’es, messages…

about to go for next semester MSSS studies…excited…something new to learn and ofcourse to share here … hope this time i will not forget of exam subject papers 😛
as far as development i always wanted to be developer though i look forward for architech & design…

freelancing work is the best to go for time pass work (rather to make girl friends) 😉 !

lets hope something new from this month …

Next, is what ?

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MSSS(masters in software system)


wel guys let me give some brief on this course. its good course offered by BITS pilani rajashthan.

iits been long back i am writing here. well i am doing good and all is well up to mark.

I got 2nd semester result and scored CGPA 5.3 well its not good but i am happy that i have not got E grade ;)…haha…not so good not so bad…

let’s jump to next semester…idea is getting more clear then before and getting some inspiration and more are coming. 🙂

many things in mind for enterprenatuare will discuss someday on this as now just good bye 😉

keep rocking ! MSSS

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